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What is Kennedy Technology?

Kennedy Technology is an software studio consisting of a team of software engineers in North Macedonia, led by Sam Kennedy, based in New York. Sam Kennedy has been building software for startups since 2004, and our Macedonia team has been in business since 2018.

As a consultant and developer for technology start-ups in New York, we came to learn that business leaders and founders have two risky options for building with technology:

  • talent in the United States: hard to find and expensive
  • outsource to another country: questionable communication and quality

We started our studio to provide a third way — world-class technology built at a fraction of the cost.

We're not outsourcing, we are a team

There are plenty of outsourcing companies that will work with you from overseas. You can get cheap engineering by the hour easily from many places. But you don't just need developers by the hour, you need a team that will deliver your web product.

We are a fully integrated team that works together to build and launch web software, exactly the way business owners and founders need and expect. Since we have deep experience in the needs of online business, you don't have to worry about mananaging your dev team along with everything else it takes to launch and run your business.

Our Results

Everything we do is designed to lower your risk and bring your online business to life. Don't let your MVP get built as a throwaway prototype. You need a solid foundation and a great software product that will be a valuable asset and grow with you and the success of your business.

We hold our work to world-class standards and use all the best practices to ensure your product is built with great code that you'd love to show off. We build with proven and mature technology that powers some of the world's biggest startups. Continuous delivery means that you can watch your product being built before your eyes - don't wait for a deployment or update.

We understand that launching businesses very quickly is a powerful thing. We have launched projects in days, and we can build many kinds of popular apps in a matter of weeks.

Selected Past Work / Slice

Kennedy Technology was started by Samuel Kennedy, who started (which later became Slice) as founding engineer, with founder Ilir Sela in 2010 in Staten Island. Sam left his position as Vice-President of Technology at Slice in 2018. Kennedy Technology was also started with Violeta Pavleska, who was previously Slice's first engineering hire in North Macedonia and today is the cornerstone of the Kennedy Technology office in North Macedonia.

Slice is a platform for pizzerias, allowing local and independent pizzerias to offer online ordering through a customer-friendly website and app. Slice is used by over 18,000 pizzerias across the U.S. and processes millions of orders per year. You can learn more about Slice on their website.

COVID-19 Vaccination Solution

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kennedy Technology was hired by a proven provider of healthcare solutions to create a software package in anticipation of the need to vaccinate all Americans against COVID-19. The software was designed to allow for the rapid and efficient distribution of vaccines to all Americans, and to allow for the tracking of vaccine distribution and administration. It included a patient management system for in-clinic use, and a public engagement system for scheduling appointments and searching for vaccination locations.

The software solution went on to be deployed by the Departments of Health of over 15 U.S. states, including Washington, California, Colorado, Virgina, and Maryland.

Bikky Eat

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kennedy Technology was hired by Bikky to help support restaurants with Bikky Eat, a directory and marketplace of restaurants, providing links to their online ordering systems. Customers interested in helping restaurants avoid the fees charged by third-party delivery services used Bikky Eat to find restaurants that offer online ordering, and order directly from the restaurant.


Kennedy Technology was comissioned to build InPeace, which was an online platform and marketplace built to meet the unique needs of the funeral planning industry. InPeace was designed to help families plan and pay for funerals online, and to help funeral homes and cemeteries manage their businesses online.

Hyundai ArtLab

Kennedy Technology are the developers for Hyundai ArtLab, a content-focused project for Hyundai Motor. Artlab is a platform for Hyundai to showcase their work in the arts, and to engage with artists and communities.

An example of our internal projects, Voyagio is a ride-sharing platform designed for the Balkans. Voyagio is a platform for drivers and passengers to connect, and to arrange rides and carpooling throughout the region.