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Ruby Engineer

Are you a Ruby engineer looking to take your career to a whole new level?

Small team, big impact. Don’t get lost in the corporate shuffle and waste time on all-day meetings or office politics. With small team sizes and a singular focus on delivering awesome software, you can leave your mark in a big way and be the kind of engineer you’ve always wanted to be.

New and cutting-edge projects. The world of startups is always changing and always presenting new challenges. Don’t get stuck in the mud. With new and meaningful projects being started, you won’t get bored. Feel the significance and purpose of your work in a big way.

Grow, learn, and advance. We don’t just develop software products – we develop engineers. From paid trips to international destinations for conferences, to unlimited books upon request, online learning resources, professional mentorship, and more, we provide resources for continued growth and learning to keep up with the advance of technology.

If you have professional experience working with Ruby for at least one year, and you’d like to learn more about the possibility of joining our team, please reach out.

Ruby Engineering Apprenticeship

Do you have some education and experience programming? Are you looking to start a technology career, but aren’t sure where to start? You might want to consider learning full-stack web development with Ruby on Rails.

We’re actively looking to meet people who could be invited to join our apprenticeship program. Some ideal characteristics include:

If you’re a programmer looking to launch a career in the field of startups, please reach out to learn more about our apprenticeship program.