Kennedy Technology MK

Coming Soon

Kennedy Technology MK is a new software development firm based in Struga, opening soon.

We are forming a small but dedicated team of software engineers, applying technology to solve real world problems and to build great businesses. Our focus will be to partner with early stage startups, launching new web and mobile products while growing our team and skills.


Samuel Kennedy, based in New York, has worked in the field of technology and startups for 15 years. For the past seven and a half years, Sam was Vice-President of Technology at Slice. Sam left Slice at the end of 2017 to do some new things. Having the history and background of working for years with the Slice back-office team in Macedonia, the thought of starting a small technology team in Macedonia became a compelling opportunity.

Want To Join?

We’re actively looking to meet people who could be invited to join our team. Some ideal characteristics include:

  • English language, intermediate or better.
  • Education and/or work history of doing software engineering.
  • Can learn quickly and understand technical things on a deep level.
  • Comfortable with some public speaking and giving presentations.
  • Positive attitude, team player, growth mindset.
  • Wants to develop a career in the field of software engineering for backend, web, and/or mobile.

We’re focusing on people at the apprentice or junior level who are open to new training… but we’d love to talk to anyone that could be a good match. If that’s you, email me a resume and why you want to be a part of the team.